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Q. If I receive hospice care, will I still be able to see my personal doctor?

A. Absolutely! Your hospice coordinates care with your other doctors and helps you navigate the often-complex healthcare system.

Q. If I agree to hospice care, does that mean I'm "giving up?"

A. Not at all. The goal of hospice is to make you comfortable and help you achieve the best possible quality of life. You can have palliative care while you are undergoing treatments that may cure or reverse the effects of your illness. In fact, palliative care can help you cope with aggressive treatments by getting your pain and symptoms under control to help you fight the disease.

Q. Does insurance cover hospice?

A. Many private insurance companies and health maintenance organizations (HMOs) offer hospice benefits. Medicare (mostly for people 65 and older) offers hospice benefits. Medicaid coverage of hospice care for people of limited incomes varies by state.

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